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Colour Copier Specifics

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Typically, the speed, duty cycles and other features of a color photocopier are very similar to that of a black and white (B/W) copier. However, the color feature commands a price premium of 20-30% over the B/W copier.

All color copiers are digital and operate according to one of the two following distinct methods:

  • Print all four colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) at the same time or
  • Print all four colors one at a time

Common features of a color copier include:

  • Border erasing
  • Color adjustment
  • Image centering
  • Colorizing
  • Color balancing

A color copy obtains colour by the following process:

  • The image to be copied is scanned with a moving lamp and mirror assembly which helps reflect the image to a photo sensor unit.
  • The photo sensor converts the image to digital data and sends it to a charged image drum.
  • The image processing unit separates the color and the toner applies appropriate colors to the charged drum to recreate the image.
  • Heated pressure rollers apply heat and transfer the toner infused image into a permanent image on paper

Other factors that you must evaluate with regard to the color copy feature, are the costs involved in taking a color copy. A color copy requires various resources such as: paper, developer, toner and fuser oil to ensure color copies are generated. The copier dealer can estimate such costs based on your requirements.

Actually, it helps to opt for a hybrid copier, which is a much cheaper option than a dedicated color copier in the long term, since it gives you greater flexibility to use the color copier only when absolutely necessary. The hybrid copier allows you to switch from color to B/W giving a comparative cost advantage and savings on color copy resources.

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